• Children learn a new language naturally in an exciting environment with memorable experiences

Safe and comfortable language camps with rich athletic programs

Where learning becomes an adventure

We would like to present you English Kids Camps 2017 for children and youth. Each camp has a rich and interesting program, focused on sport and language activities. During the camps there will be 40 English lessons taught according to Berlitz Method. Our aim is to develop children’s language skills in a pleasant atmosphere, provide games, nature, cooperation in groups and individual challenges.

Berlitz English Camps are a great opportunity to spend holidays in a constructive and interesting way. It is going to be a great time spend among children of a the similar age, taking part in adventures and interesting sports activities. Everything is under the tutelage of experienced language instructors, who also use English after the lessons.

We would like to encourage all the children to join our English camps, after which, speaking English will become an easy and fun activity. Our English camps are also a great opportunity to meet new people and learn how to use the language in practice. Additionally we prepare a variety of sports activities like sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, wakeboarding, which will provide all the children a great time and unforgettable memories.

Summer Camp 2017
teaser_kids camps_dabki

English Camp in Dąbki near Koszalin, Poland


Camp Dates: 25.06-06.07.2017

(Ages 13-16)

Berlitz offers English Camps in Dąbki near Koszalin age group 13-16, a city located in the province Koszalin.

Summer Camp 2017
teaser_kids camps_golun

English Camp in Golún - Wdzydze Kaszubskie

Camp Dates: 09-20.07.2017 and 20-31.07.2017)

(Ages 8 -14 and 13-16 )

We invite young people to our tration space on a cruising holiday on the Kashubian Lake Gołuń .

Summer Camp 2017
teaser_kids camps_goreczyno

English Camp in Olsztyn (Manor Hotel)

Camp Dates: 25.06.-06.07.2017

(Ages 7-12 and 13-15)

Manor hotel located in Masuria by the lake Żbik and the forest, in north-east part of Poland. It is a perfect recreational area because of the beautiful surrounding and lots of places allowing to do sports.

Summer 2017
teaser_kids camps_golun

English Camp in Żabinka

Camp Dates:  15.07-26.07.2017

(Ages 7-11 and 12-15)

Resort  Żabinka in beautiful Masuria would like to invite your children for a survival adventure in the masurian forests.

Summer Camp 2017
teaser_kids camps_Rabka Zdrój, Beskid Zachodni


Camp Dates: 25.06-06.07.2017 and 19-30.08.2017

(Ages 7-12 and 13-16)

Międzybrodzie is a calm and peaceful village located in Beskid Mały by Żywieckie lake. It is a perfect recreational area because of the number of hiking trails, lakes and beautiful surrounding.

Summer Camp 2017
Teaser Kids Camps_Sztutowo

English Camp in Sztutowo, near GDANSK

Camp Dates: 19-30.08.2017

(Ages 7-11 and 12-15)

Holiday resort Promyk in Sztutowo is located near the landcape park Mierzeja Wiślana. Clean, sandy beaches and a forest are very close to the camp. This is where we will start our adventure with survival.

Learn while having lots of fun

The language classes are divided in groups according to the age and level of campers. The materials are selected with the kids in mind and native monitors focus on their specific interests and strengths, guaranteeing an optimized learning experience. The leisure activities are designed to keep kids active and engaged so they increase their proficiency in the new language without even noticing. In the camps, your child’s safety and security is our highest priority. Berlitz guarantees that all the camp facilities conform to the highest standards to ensure your piece of mind while your child is away.

Since 2004, many thousands kids and teens have attended the Berlitz Language Camps, successfully improving their language and communication skills. Contact your local Berlitz center for more information on our different camps.