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Intercultural expertise at the click of a mouse

Our cultural imprint determines our thoughts and actions . It influences our communication habits, how we deal with people, our management style, our understanding of power and our sense of time. The risk of misunderstanding in an international working environment is correspondingly high. With our online platform, www.culturalnavigator.com, we help you analyse your cultural preferences, interpret intercultural situations correctly and act accordingly – and thus successfully – in an international environment.

Our Cultural Navigator® platform was designed for people who aim at changing their work environment, start working in an international company or abroad and avoiding falling victim to misunderstandings in the work or social fields. A good example of such a misunderstanding could be the situation of being late for a meeting. In some cultural circles this is unacceptable and might influence the cooperation between companies - but in others it might even be a social norm. Such uncomfortable situations between you and your business partners can be easily avoided.

Find out more how to optimize the cross-cultural skills of your teams

Our platform was created for the benefit of people who work in such complex international structures. The undoubted advantage of Cultural Navigator® is the vast database over 100 countries, pinpointing even the tiniest cultural differences.

By logging on to Cultural Navigator® you can check your cultural identity and affiliation. Thanks to the prescribed tests you can gain useful information and hints on how to minimise all the differences that stem from social and cultural knowledge gaps.

Our Cultural Navigator® online platform helps you to analyse your own cultural make-up, interpret intercultural situations correctly and act appropriately – and therefore successfully – in international settings.

Company-specific content can be easily incorporated, as well as it can be brought into line with your corporate identity. You determine the degree of personalisation by choosing between the Standard, Gold and Platinum versions.

Country Information - reliable online knowledge resource

Detailed country information is available for over 100 nations in the Cultural Navigator® – with texts on cultural norms and local management, as well as on history, politics, regional studies, time zones and climate. This background knowledge is an important resource for successful interaction
with colleagues and business partners in other countries.

Learning Paths - structured learning on the net

Individual learning paths form the core of the Cultural Navigator®. This is oriented towards your personal learning goals and offers recommendations for modules that build on each other
in a sensible way, with information on content, duration, learning progression and the activity carried out most recently.

The learning paths can be adapted to the strategic goals and initiatives of your company

  • Cultural Orientations Indicator® (C.O.I.): cultural online assessment
  • Country information from over 100 nations
  • Individual learning paths with e-learning modules on intercultural cooperation
    and with a focus placed on specific countries
  • Quizzes and case studies
  • Up-to-date podcasts, videos and articles
  • Networking between users and experts
  • Can be optimised to reflect preferred content and appearance
  • Accessible and easy to use on smart phones and tablets

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