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Modern language online courses

Benefit from innovative and modern learning approach

Berlitz offers a variety of virtual individual and group language training options as well as elearning and Blended programs. This is a perfect solution for companies and employees who would like to learn a language flexibly despite busy work and personal schedule. All programs are designed to boost confidence to speak the language and hone individual skills.

Berlitz Virtual Classroom

The Berlitz Virtual Instruction gives your employees the ability to simply attend class via the internet, saving time and money.

e-Learning – CyberTeachers

Our online program offers unlimited self-study content for language learning. Learners can practice freely, 24/7.

Face-to-Face Blended Learning

You can also combine the CyberTeachers platform with face-to-face individual or group instruction.

In Berlitz you are free to choose the best combinations to find the Solutions for Virtual and Online instruction that suits you. You decide the type of instructor-led courses you want to combine with e-Learning and we will design customized learning plans for your employees. Contact one of our consultants to analyze the best solution for your company.

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