• The international camps at Berlitz offer a truly unique opportunity for your children

English Camp in Gdansk, Poland
(Age group 7-15)

In our safe, comfortable and all-inclusive camps

Holiday resort Promyk in Sztutowo is located near the landcape park Mierzeja Wiślana www.promyk24.pl   Clean, sandy beaches and a forest are very close to the camp. This is where we will start our adventure with survival. Promyk offers us a swimming pool, volleyball, football and badminton sport fields and also a playground.

ACCOMMODATION – In the hotel building. In 4 person rooms with bathroom and shower

MEALS – 3 meals a day at the resort's restaurant + dessert/fruit served with dinner

Language program – trip around the world

Berlitz Method® all communication during class takes place in the target language. Instructors are native speakers and use a conversational approach based on listening and speaking. An immersive environment encourages learners to quickly develop their skills in oral communication. Even beginners can formulate simple sentences from the very first lesson. Berlitz language program provides:

  • 4 hours of English daily – we use the most efficient method
  • Games, projects, contests, group and individual work
  • Huge variety of conversational activities 
  • Familiarizing kids with other cultures from  other regions
  • Creative English evenings – Theater Workshop, Scavenger Hunt, Talent Show
  • Presentation in English
  • Emphasis proper pronunciation, accent and vocabulary
  • Current language level check and program adaptation to student’s level
  • Professional staff – trained and experienced in working with kids and youth 

teaser_kids camps_Rabka Zdrój, Beskid Zachodni Survival

Our students are going to learn how to behave in the forest, how to interpret and recognize animals tracks.

  • We are going to build a hut and other types of shelters using things found in the forest.
  • We are going to teach young students how to survive a night in the forest and what to do if we get lost in the forest.
  • They are going to familiarize themselves with how to use a map, a compass and how to code and decode messages.
teaser_kids camps_zarzecze Swimming
  • daily activities at the swimming pool with a trainer, learning to swim and improvement for the able swimmers.
teaser_kids camps_dabki Geocaching & directions
  • our students are going to learn how to find and recognize directions in the forest by using plants, stars and maps, area GPS.
  • They will learn how to survive night in the forest and what to do in case they are lost.
  • We are going to find out how not to get lost in the forest, how to survive a night there and what to do in case we get lost.
  • football, volleyball, table tennis, evenings by the campfire with the guitar, singing and playing games, camp tournaments. In addition, a bus trip to Gdańsk.

What you can expect:

A rich program of language education and sports, numerous attractions, experienced staff of instructors, excellent program and unique locations guarantee unforgettable holidays for every child. We invite you to experience adventure with Berlitz.

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