• The international camps at Berlitz offer a truly unique opportunity for your children

English Camp in Golún, Poland
(Age group 8-16)

In our safe, comfortable and all-inclusive camps

HOTEL GOŁUŃ www.hotel-golun.com.pl near Wdzydze Kiszewskie, 83-406 Wąglikowice – the hotel is located In one of the most charming corners of Kashubia. Nestled in the woods of the Tuchola Forest, just above the beautiful Wdzydze Lake. Our participants can enjoy a swimming pool, tennis court, sport playing fields, water sports equipment and facilities suitable for learning English.

ACCOMMDATION: inside Gołuń Hotel, 2-4 person rooms with bathrooms and showers too, high standard. The rooms are large and comfortable.

MEALS: 3 meals a day at the hotel restaurant, dessert/ fruit served with dinner and drinks throughout the day.

Language program – trip around the world

Berlitz Method® all communication during class takes place in the target language. Instructors are native speakers and use a conversational approach based on listening and speaking. An immersive environment encourages learners to quickly develop their skills in oral communication. Even beginners can formulate simple sentences from the very first lesson. Berlitz language program provides:

  • 4 hours of English daily – we use the most effective language method – Berlitz Method
  • During the English classes we familiarize children with traditions and cultural differences of English speaking countries
  • Our teaching is based on many different projects, contests and games connected to the topic
  • Huge variety of conversations and games introduce children to the cultural world of: USA, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. We would also like to show our young students how important pronunciation and vocabulary selection are
  • Introducing vocabulary connected to sailing
  • Creative English evenings – Theater Workshop, group projects, Scavenger Hunt
  • Possible transport (bus) from Warsaw 260 PLN/person

Camp Activities
Tennis Fundamentals
  • training with an instructor, covering basics of the game 3x per stay (we provide racquets for all participants)
teaser_kids camps_zarzecze
Sailing and kayaking fundamentals
  • everyday sailing classes on water with equipment, familiarizing with rowing (if weather conditions are good).
  • Each participant swims on a little boat called an Optymist.
  • Students are safe, all the time an experienced and skilled instructor looks after them from a pontoon on the water. Everybody wears life-jackets. We will present the types and construction of sailing equipment, learn rigging and matching equipment to our abilities and needs, as well as discussing water safety rules. At the end of camp we will organize a sailing contest.
teaser_kids camps_dabki
Additional attractions
  • Nordic walking on forest paths, beach volleyball, Segway riding lessons and competition, canoeing trip, evening with music and dance, campfires and sports tournaments. In addition, a nature trail walking tour to the museum in Wdzydze

What you can expect:

A rich program of language education and sports, numerous attractions, experienced staff of instructors, excellent program and unique locations guarantee unforgettable holidays for every child. We invite you to experience adventure with Berlitz.

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