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English Camp in Bialskie, Poland
(Age Group 10-16)

In our safe, comfortable and all-inclusive camps

Międzybrodzie Bialskie is a quiet tourist settlement situated at the foot of The Little Beskids at Zywiec Lake, and it is the oasis of peace and quiet. The lake and the surroundings allow to do a number of sports: biking, sailing, football, volleyball etc. Fresh air and beautiful scenery are a guarantee of great vacation. Relax TO resort is placed right at the lake. It has its own quay and yacht rental. In the area of the resort you can find a heated swimming pool, a slide and a wading pool. There are also pitches. The participants will stay in a hotel building in shared rooms for 4 people with bathrooms.

ACCOMODATION: Located inside the holiday camp ‘’RELAKS’’ www.miedzybrodzie.net.pl by the lake. In this location we can also find a private boat marina and sports equipment rental, sports fields and a heated swimming pool. We provide 4 person rooms with the bathroom and toilet.

DIET - 3 meals a day + dessert/fruit and drinks during the day. Delicious home-made food.

Language program – trip around the world

The basic principle realized during language classes is teaching by means of Berlitz Method. It means teaching and learning through speaking where the participants communicate exclusively in English. We mean to create natural English speaking environment for our students where the learning process will develop naturally, logically and interestingly.Berlitz teachers, using solely the target language, involve the students into an active spoken communication from the first lesson. Children and teenagers soon start expressing themselves in a foreign language which gives them pleasure, satisfaction and motivates to take further steps in learning.

  • Four English lessons daily based on Berlitz Method
  • Work in small homogeneous groups
  • Language games and activities, individual and group projects
  • Immersion in the culture of English-speaking countries
  • Conversations based on everyday life topics and students’ hobbies and interests – stressing correct pronunciation and choice of vocabulary
  • Creative events – Scavenger Hunt, Theater Workshop, Talent Show and many other
  • Experienced teachers, excellently prepared, passionate and enthusiastic about work with children and teenagers

Kids-Camp-Beach-with-dog-Teaser Sport Program
“Wind and Water"

Międzybrodzie recreation camp program is aimed to teach children safety while doing water sports and sailing Optymist boats, which are particularly friendly for the learners. They are meant for young users. The purpose of the class is to teach young people the rules of sailing and behavior on board of a sailboat. Classes take part daily, assuming favourable weather conditions, sailing is fully secured by the coach in a pontoon motor boat. The children swim in life jackets. During classes the youth will learn to make sailing knots, to direct a boat, to choose a point, to tack in different conditions. At the end of the course the participants will be able to show their skills in boat races. The last night in the camp will include sailor hazing and fun at the bonfire with singing sea shanty.

teaser_kids camps_golun Kayaking

2 kayak trips with coaches


Daily training with a coach.

What you can expect:

A rich program of language education and sports, numerous attractions, experienced staff of instructors, excellent program and unique locations guarantee unforgettable holidays for every child. We invite you to experience adventure with Berlitz.

Extra Activities

Segway and torqway, speed badminton, archery, Nordic walking, beach volleyball, football, floorball.

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