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Relocation of employees - effective support programs

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The Berlitz Expatriation Coaching programs deal with the unique set of challenges caused by international relocation. The training modules touch upon topics such as: adapting to a new culture, relocating families, attaining professional goals in a changing political and social structure, and other hurdles unique to each individual. 

Coaching for Expatriates

A non-trained expat could seriously endanger your ROI as they may take up to one year to adjust and fully perform. The expatriation coaching training program allows expatriates to quickly leverage their cultural sensitivity, develop skills to perform in the new international business environment and avoid the stress caused by cultural misunderstandings.

Coaching for Expatriates’ Families

Many companies neglect the challenges associated with returning expatriates. This coaching solution is designed to ease the cultural shock that former expatriates face when returning home. The training program gives practical tools for identifying and adapting the competencies acquired abroad to their new cultural environment.

Berlitz Coaching Solutions help expatriates and their families to better adjust and prepare for successful interaction both in daily life and business situations in the destination country. For more information on our Intercultural Training Solutions, contact a Berlitz consultant today.

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