Summer Camp in Poland

A fun language immersion experience

For 2016 we have already prepared 11 language camps for kids and teenagers. They include a very rich and interesting range of language and sport activities. Each camp comprises 40 English lessons which are conducted according to the verified and patented Berlitz Method®.

The aim of our camps is kids' linguistic development and it always an adventure and great fun that you can have in a pleasant environment. We like to give new challenges to our students in order to stimulate them.

What Makes Berlitz International Camps Unique?

  • Native English speakers provide authentic lessons that are fun and proven to stimulate learning.
  • Our International Locations provide campers the opportunity to travel to new destinations. This experience gives campers a sense of independence while learning English
  • Daily activities include outdoor sports, building leadership skills, and interacting with other international English speaking students.
  • A truly once in a lifetime international camping experience.

Berlitz Camps offer:

  • Language classes that comprise 4 lessons a day (each lesson is 50 minutes), 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening
  •  Excellently trained language instructors who have a vast experience in teaching kids and teenagers
  •  English language that is used throughout all language classes as well as in everyday situations during the whole camp
  •  Open communication regardless of participants' age and language experience
  •  Multiple games, competitions and projects in English which are all connected with the theme of the camp
  •  Sport activities (e.g. horseback riding, tennis, windsurfing, basic kayaking and sailing skills, dance classes and many more)
  •  Survival camps for kids and teenagers

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Berlitz language camps are organized together with the following tourist agencies: Sam Fan and Czerwiński Travel. They are responsible for entertainment and relax of our students. Thanks to our long experience in organizing camps, we know that their input, engagement and creativity as well as professional teaching staff determine the uniqueness and high quality of our offer.

Swimming classes, basic kayaking, windsurfing and sailing skills, tennis, horseback riding, dance classes or an adrenaline rush experienced during our survival camp combined with a rich offer of Berlitz kids English course make our camps extraordinary and popular.

The camps are small, the groups are divided according to participants' age and language levels. Kids work with materials that were developed by Department of Instruction in Princeton.

 Book a place for your kid right now! It is going to be an unforgettable adventure!

Contact your local Berlitz center for more information on our different camps.


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