• Immerse yourself in your target language with group courses

Group Instruction

Maximize your confidence to speak

If you prefer to learn a foreign language in a group setting, then Berlitz has just the right option for you - Group Instruction. Classes take place in one of our language centers at regular and fixed times. Your fellow participants are at a similar level of proficiency, which helps to keep you motivated and engaged as you progress together.

Individual Group Instruction
Benefits of our Group courses
  • Small groups of up to 6 participants at the same language level
  • Effective learning for all levels of proficiency using the Berlitz Method
  • Qualified native speaker trainers for constant support
  • Interesting learning materials

Continued support from your Berlitz Trainer

Every Berlitz trainer determines what course content is most suitable for any given group and facilitates the learning process by engaging you on a level beyond simple language acquisition. By choosing topics that interest you, you stay motivated and absorb the language easily, also acquiring an understanding of different cultures. Thanks to your trainer’s continuous feedback and the support of the whole Berlitz staff, you will achieve your desired language goals quickly and efficiently.

The Group Instruction provides a friendly and productive environment to learn a new language together with other trainees at similar levels.  Contact your local Berlitz center to get more information and book a group course today.

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