• Expand your employees linguistic skills with one of our many Individual Instruction options

Individual lessons - language courses for the business world

Benefit from a personalized learning experience

Berlitz offers a variety of individual one-on-one language training options and trainees looking to expand their linguistic skills can choose from different formats. Each is designed to boost their confidence to speak the language and hone individual skills. Your employees will see immediate results with Berlitz Individual Instruction.

Face-to-Face Individual Instruction Gold Package

One level in 40 individual lessons within 4 weeks for highly motivated customers who need to reach their language goal very quickly.

Face-to-Face Individual Instruction Silver Package

One level in 50 individual lessons within 8 weeks for customers with clearly defined needs.

Face-to-Face Individual Instruction Classic Package

One level in 60 individual lessons within 24 weeks for customers who need a regular language training.

Berlitz Day

One day intensive training to achieve personal language needs - 10 individual lessons.

Total Immersion®

The most intense and efficient course, comprised of 12 lessons per day. Learners are completely immersed in the language.

Virtual Individual Instruction

The Virtual Individual Instruction course is designed with one person in mind: you. Berlitz works with you to ensure that lessons fit into your schedule.

No matter which option you choose, your employees get individualized content presented at just the right pace. The high degree of speaking time ensures quick improvement and success. For more information on our Individual Instruction courses, contact a Berlitz consultant today.

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