Our language centre is situated in the very centre of Warsaw near the Marriot Hotel and Central Railway Station. The school is located in a modernised, air-conditioned building. Our wish is to provide our customers with a friendly atmosphere which facilitates learning, in this fast developing city.

In our centrally located Berlitz branch we are primarily concerned with providing language courses adapted to our customers needs. We offer courses in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or other chosen languages. We make sure that the ambience in our school is open, friendly and relaxed, which aides the language learning process.

Check out our offer for group, individual or company lessons. Our native speakers will help break speaking barriers and ensure that you feel confident communicating in any language. We invite you to visit our school in person, but if you do not have the time, you can contact us by phone or fill out and online contact form. The Berlitz ul. Nowogrodzka team is waiting for you!

Warsaw - Berlitz Language Centers

Come and see how easy and quick it is to learn a foreign language. Thanks to the specially prepared Berlitz Method, our qualified teachers and native speakers will make all your language barriers disappear in no time. Our method is effective with every language you learn. It does not matter whether it is a group, individual or corporate course. The language you plan to learn be it English, German, French, Italian or Spanish also makes no difference. Our method has proved effective worldwide for over 138 years!

What we offer:

We welcome you to try out our individual and group courses for children and adults in our school or in your company. We believe that courses in small groups (2-4 persons) enable students to reach their language goals in a fast and stressless manner. Most of our language teachers are  qualified and experienced native speakers, who will easily teach you English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or any other foreign language you choose.

The intensive Total Immersion course is the perfect solution for those who are busy and require immediate learning effects. We say that the course is tailored, as we are able to adapt its intensity to your aptitude and needs. For those who have flexible working hours inquire about our Happy Hours lessons. 

Sign up for a free demo lesson. Our consultants will help you choose a course tailored to your individual needs. Come and see how easy it is to speak a foreign language.

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