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Our Clients

Clients who trusted us

Over many years of our presence in Poland, we have taught employees of many international companies, corporations, banks and government offices. Their satisfaction and fluency in the use of a foreign language is our greatest satisfaction.

These are some of the testimonials we received in recent years:

Foster Wheeler Energia Polska Sp. z o.o.

Our Testimonial

Berlitz has been providing individual and group language courses on various levels of proficiency for the employees of Foster Wheeler Energia Polska Sp. z o.o. since 2012. A long-term cooperation proves our professionalism and effectiveness in teaching foreign languages.

Miejskie Przedsibiorstwo Komunuikacyjne S.A

Our Testimonial

In 2014 Berlitz conducted individual English courses for the management of MPK Kraków S.A.(Public Transportation Services in Cracow). The references that we receive are proof that our services and involvement are on the highest level.


Our Testimonial

Between March and December 2014 Berlitz provided English and German trainings for 197 employees of Flextronics. The cooperation is still successfully continuing.


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