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Saturday Fun Club

Regular lessons packed with fun

It is a solution dedicated to parents who want to manage their children free time effectively.  It is the combination of intensive learning in the English language and fun in an international environment in our educational centers.  The lessons take place in a friendly atmosphere, which contributes to the development of speaking skills and makes communicating in the foreign language natural for young students.

Your children are completely "immersed" in the target language as if they were staying in the English speaking country. Over the rime spent with our instructors they absorb not only single words but complete structures and phrases, which makes it easier for them to express themselves in the English language.

Saturday Fun Club Features - Themes
  • Younger age group: Fairytales, Wild West, Indian Village, Knights and Princesses of the Middle Ages,The World of Animals, Healthy Food and Eating out
  • Older age group: Ancient Cultures, American Traditions, British Traditions, Globetrotters, Mysteries Around the World (Loch Ness Monster, The Bermuda Triangle, Pyramids), Sherlock Holmes Saturday

Schedule Possibilities:

Meetings take place on selected Saturdays from 10:15 - 13:15. We offer 4 interesting lessons to ensure a good time combined with intense studying, which allows parents to devote some free time to themselves. Meetings run in two age group for younger children up to 7 year olds and  from  8-12 year olds.  Children can be registered for the selected dates at the centers' reception by phone or in person. Please note that the number of places is limited as we work in 8 person groups.

Contact your local Berlitz center to get more information about the program and to experience the Berlitz Saturday Fun Club for English. 


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