Summer and Winter in the city

Kids in town

Summer and winter holidays are the perfect time to develop the minds of our children. To meet your expectations, we invite children of all nationalities aged from 4  to 12, to our Program.

During the program...

Depending on the age group, in addition to talks and discussion in English, children will take part in: art classes, dance and movement activities; search for traces of different animals and have fun with integration games.  They will also practice their presentation and communication skills.  At the end of the program each group will share its knowledge and skills with other participants of "Summer and Winter in the city". Each child will receive a certificate of its first diploma.

Organizational information

Classes are held from Monday to Friday from 8:45 am - 12:30pm. Groups meet in groups of up to 8 people.  Age groups 4-7 and 8-12 years.

Contact our Kids & Teens department and find out how Berlitz can help you implement effective language programs at schools by email via our contact form.


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