Summer is a good time to start with a language course

Chose the best option for yourself!

Summer is a good time to start a language course. Chose the best option for yourself!

This year, on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of Berlitz, we have prepared very attractive prices!

Until the end of August you have a possibility to try out various courses: individual, group and online!

Individual course - 100% of customization. Language Instructor, language level, your schedule or pace of the lessons - all set individually.

Group courses, on the other hand, are recommended for people who like studying with classmates. Groups are small from two to four people. Thanks to relaxed atmosphere, students learn faster and more effectively. Participants on the same language level motivate each other so you can achieve your goal faster.

For those who appreciate maximum flexibility, Berlitz offers a very special online course – CyberTeachers - in a very favorable price. Online learning! Full customization and freedom of learning at any time and any place. The perfect solution for people who actively spend their holiday time.

Choose the right course for you!

Language Courses

For those who want to learn the language effectively and quickly. An individual course with one of our native speakers - maximum schedule flexibility, dedicated teacher and customized program.

Language Courses

Berlitz offers courses in small groups of two to four people. Thanks to that, participants can actively participate in classes, easily and quickly acquire knowledge and systematically achieve their goals.

Online Language
Learning: CyberTeachers

Ideal for those who expect maximum flexibility of learning: 12 months of an intensive language course online. All you need is a device with Internet access. You decide where and when you take your lessons!

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